Swiss Public Health Conference 25./26. August 2021

«COVID-19 and the public health management of pandemics»
50 years of prevention in Bern

Since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported at the end of 2019, the disease has spread across all continents, regions and social classes. It has enormous, health, societal and economical implications that will last for generations and change our history forever. Important questions remain regarding the potential challenges that this pandemic poses to public health and society for the future, in particular: (i) how has the pandemic evolved and been dealt with differently in Switzerland and throughout the world; (ii) what psychosocial, economic and ethical considerations have been raised by the pandemic and its containment atempts and (iii) what leassons have been learned and what needs to be done in order to deal with the consequences of this pandemic and improve preparedness for the coming 50 years.

On the 25th and 26th of August, 2021 in Bern, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) of the University of Bern, the Swiss Public Health Conference 2021 will address these questions and other key public health issues and discuss the ongoing challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to Switzerland and the world. Join us in this important learning process that will help us achieve a better future! At the same time, we want to celebrate with you the ISPM anniversary and the historical achievement of 50 years of prevention in Bern.

Poster, Video and PowerPoint Contributions

Investigating the relation between methylxanthines and plasma lipids in two European populations

D. Petrovic, M. Pruijm, B. Ponte, N. A. Dhayat, D. Ackermann, G. Ehret, N. Ansermot, B. Vogt, PY. Martin, S. Stringhini, S. Estoppey-Younès, L. Thijs, Z. Zhang, J. Melgarejo, C. B. Eap, J. A. Staessen, M. Bochud, and I. Guessous

Timing Matters – The Impact of Response Measures on COVID-19-Related
Hospitalization and Death Rates in GER and CH
Infection control in Swiss Nursing Homes pre-COVID-19: a sub-analysis of the SHURP 2018 study
Giving Patients a Voice about Cancer Care: Should Switzerland Do More to Collect Patients’ Experiences of Cancer Care?
Physical Activity, Nutritional Habits and Sleeping Behavior in Health Professions Students and Employees of a Swiss University of Applied Sciences During the COVID-19 Lockdown Period: a Questionnaire Survey Study
Educational inequalities in all-cause mortality:
the mediating role of epigenetic aging in a multi-cohort cohort study and meta-analysis
Loneliness in Older Persons throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic in Switzerland
Children with autism spectrum disorder in the canton of Zurich – Evaluation of daily life, early interventions, and need of support by professionals
Sexual minority orientation is associated with greater psychological impact due to the COVID-19 crisis

S. Marmet, M. Wicki, G. Gmel, C. Gachoud, N. Bertholet, J. Studer

SARS-CoV-2 infections in people with primary ciliary dyskinesia

ESL. Pedersen, M. Goutaki, A. Harris, L. Dixon, M. Manion, B. Rindlisbacher, JS. Lucas, CE. Kühni

Accessibility to Diacetylmorphine Prescription Program among Patients Receiving Opioid Agonist Treatment – Preliminary Findings of a Qualitative Study

J. Gaume, E. Schmutz, S. Paroz, Y. Khazaal, JB. Daeppen

Heritability and association with distinct genetic loci of erythropoietin levels in the general population

T. Corre, B. Ponte, E. Pivin, M. Pruijm, D. Ackermann, G. Ehret, K. Spanaus, M. Bochud, RH. Wenger

The association of road traffic noise with behaviour in adolescents: A cohort study

L. Tangermann, A. Saucy, D. Vienneau, B. Schäffer, JM Wunderli, M. Röösli

Life course socioeconomic determinants of multimorbidity in old age – a mapping review
Do Behavioural Addictions Predict Suicide Ideation and Attempts? Findings From a Prospective Cohort Study Among Young Swiss Men
Gender and sex-differences in COVID-19 incidence over time in Switzerland

C. Sant Fruchtman, F. Fischer, L. Monzón Llamas, M. Tavakkoli, D. Cobos, M. Antillon

Health inequalities and risk factors of inadequate health care among vulnerable groups: children, elderly with chronic conditions, and immigrants

C. Tzogiou, B. Brunner, M. Carlander, D. Dietrich Felber, S. Stronski, S. Wieser, B. Wirth, M. Höglinger

Alles Echinacea oder was? Wovon hängt ein starkes Immunsystem ab?
Financial loss and depressive symptoms in university students during the first wave of the COVID – 19 pandemic: Comparison between 23 countries

S. Tancredi, C. Burton-Jeangros, R. Ruegg, E. Righi, A. Kagstrom, A. Quesnel Vallee, A. Chiolero, P. Bracke, V. Buffel, S. Van de Velde, S. Cullati

Geospatial Analysis of Access to Health Care: Child Development Needs and Available Care in the Canton of Zurich
Kinder mit komplexem Herzfehler: Versorgungsanalyse der entwicklungspädiatrischen Nachkontrollen und Therapien
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to care and health services for chronic patients in Southern Switzerland
Dietary consumption in the Swiss Kidney Stone Cohort (SKSC)

C. Legay, O. Bonny, M. Bochud